Onion Breeding Program at NMSU

This website contains information catering to the needs of three different categories of people.

  • Academic: For students and researchers interested in this program.
  • General: For people who are interested in knowing about onions, trivia, recipes, and fun facts about onions.
  • Growers: Pertaining to cultivars, statistics, and production information that best suit the needs of growers.

Seed Source Information

Students & Researchers: If you are a student or researcher looking to do a study with our varieties, small seed samples can be sent to you. Please contact Dr. Chris Cramer with your request.

Growers: If you are a grower looking for seeds of our varieties or seed sources of 'NuMex' onion varieties, please contact these commercial sources:

Contact Information for Seed Sources
Lockhart Seeds, Inc.
Rob Gobleck
DP Seeds
Yuma, AZ
Cordor Seed Production
Yuma, AZ
3 Star Lettuce
Gonzales, CA

Please keep in mind, that seeds of exclusively released varieties are available from DP seeds (NuMex Radiance, NuMex Serenade), Condor Seed Production (NuMex Mirage), or 3 Star Lattuce (NuMex Grandeur, NuMex Fabian Garcia)

Homeowners: If you are a homeowner looking for seeds of our varieties, retail outlets have not started carrying our varieties. we are working on getting a retail source for our varieties.

Contact us

Dr. Chris Cramer
New Mexico State University
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 30003 MSC 3Q
Las Cruces, NM 88003-0003
Phone: 575-646-2657
Fax: 575-646-6041
Email: cscramer@nmsu.edu