NuMex Sweetpak

Image of Sweetpak Onions

'NuMex Sweetpak' originates from a population derived from intercrossing in a cage Texas Grano 1015Y, Excel 986B, and Texas Grano 502PRR bolting resistant selection. 'NuMex Sweetpak' is a short-day, grano-type onion that matures from May 25 to May 30 when fall seeded in Las Cruces, NM. Suggested planting dates at Las Cruces are October 1 to October 10. 'NuMex Sweetpak' has excellent yield, firmness, pink root resistance, and early maturity, similar to 'NuMex Sunlite'. Bulbs have lower pungency than 'NuMex Sunlite' does. The average pungency for 'NuMex Sweetpak' was 4.34 (moles pyruvic acid/gfw) compared to 5.35 for 'NuMex Sunlite'. 'NuMex Sweetpak' matures about 10 days earlier than 'NuMex Dulce', a low pungency variety released in 1995. 'NuMex Sweetpak' is recommended for fall-seeding to provide a harvest of low pungency (sweet) onions during late May.