NuMex BR1

Image of BR1  Onion

'NuMex BR1' is similar to 'TEG 502 PRR' in bulb shape, growth habit, maturity, and handling characteristics, but has a slightly darker scale than its parent. Bulbs are intermediate between a high top and a flat top. Tops are larger than 'Granex', but smaller than 'New Mexico Yellow Grano.' The necks are small, and when fully mature and field cured, the bulbs develop an attractive, thin yellow scale. Bulb firmness is similar to other Yellow Grano-type cultivars. Degree of PRR is the same or slightly higher than its parent. 'NuMex BR1' has good seedling vigor and has over wintered with little seedling loss in each of the last 4 years.

'NuMex BR1' was compared with other short-day cultivars for 1979 to 1982 at the NMSU Plant Science Research Center, Las Cruces, and in large-scale field tests in 1982 near Las Cruces. Several commercial plantings were grown in 1983. Yields and bolting resistance in all early planted tests (before Oct. 1) were excellent. 'NuMex BR1' consistently had fewer seedstalks and higher yields than 'TEG 502 PRR.' As high as 80 MT/ha were reported by growers in 1983. 'NuMex BR1' is suggested for trial planting in areas where short-day onions are fall-seeded.